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"Making Cyber Simple"

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CyberTrust​'s basic premise is fairly simple: To grow at a rapidly increasing rate by consolidating the fragmented Cybersecurity Industry in order to make a definitive and influential impact in the sector.

We are achieving this growth by vigorous investments in relevant and leading technology companies in the Cybersecurity industry.

The world’s cybersecurity market is growing at approximately 10% yearly, and no one has more than 5-6% of the shares. Additionally, there are many point solutions and features, but no widely adopted enterprise stack, thus validating the need for consolidation. Many promising companies and products have hit a plateau due to a lack of capital, critical mass, seasoned investors, relevant advisors, and executives with a track record of scaling companies, thereby creating multiple opportunities.

Through this strategy, CyberTrust will build the industry's much needed 'one-stop-shop' for top products / services.

CyberTrust - "Making Cyber Simple"


"Making Cyber Simple"

Investment Stratagy



CyberTrust is a professional investment group comprised of highly experienced individuals in the field of technology, cybersecurity, mergers & acquisition, investment banking, and financials with over 150 years of cumulative experience. 

We are actively looking for opportunities in the cyber security space that are aligned with the following parameters:
  • Established substantial annual reoccurring revenue

  • Profitability, or a proven timeline for achieving profits.

  • Stable and predictable CAGR.

  • Proven technology with a long term consumer base.

The following strategy, combined with continuously building an ultimately united platform, will allow us to make a memorable and significant impact on the cybersecurity industry.

Meet The Team

Daniel Cohen - Founder at CyberTrust "Making Cyber Simple"

Daniel Cohen

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Highly skilled individual willing to learn and teach from experience.
In the past year, has formed CyberTrust group in order to make impactful and necessary strides within the cybersecurity industry.

Business Development experience in several tech companies.


Boaz A. Schwartz

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Vast M&A and investment banking experience. 
In the past 24 years, has served as the Managing Director of Deutsche Bank's Israeli office.

Also served as a director in numerous technology companies.


MG(ret) Uzi Moscovici

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Cybersecurity expert, with more than 10 years of experience in Cybersecurity and IT
Served as the CIO and CISO of the IDF and retired recently at the rank of Major General

Alon Fishman - M&A Advisor at CyberTrust "Making Cyber Simple"

Alon Fishman

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M&A experience from both sides of the table

Fundraising and management experience in several funds.

Over 30 years of experience

Our Team
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